Wasteland 2: Buried “Extra Terrestrial” Game Carts Easter Egg

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Posted on September 25, 2014, GameFront Staff Wasteland 2: Buried “Extra Terrestrial” Game Carts Easter Egg

Wasteland 2 ET Cart Burial

A valuable time capsule this ain’t. Wastleland 2 is already full of Easter eggs, but thorough players (with high perception skills) have found another reference to throw onto the pile. Deep in the irradiated wastelands, there lies a treasure trove of worthless products just waiting to be found. Get all the details in the guide below.

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Buried “Extra Terrestrial” Game Carts Easter Egg

Northwest of the Ranger Citadel in the Arizona over-world, curious post-apocalyptic parties can uncover a cache of “Extra Terrestrial” Game Carts!

This is no normal loot drop. There are a sum total of 50,000 cartridges in 100 unit stacks hidden away under the desert sands. There are so many, in fact, that it’s pretty much impossible to take them all with you.

Wasteland 2 Extra Terrestrial Game Cartridges location

Good thing these carts are completely worthless. They have zero value — yep, this is just an awesome Easter egg referencing the rumored burial of unsold Atari E.T. cartridges, symbolic of the massive video game crash in 1983.

Rumors suggested the dump potentially kept hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of extra E.T. carts, but a little over a thousand trashed Atari games, not just E.T., were discovered during the filming of Atari: Game Over.

So that just leaves a few hundred thousand cartridges out there somewhere? Hopefully this garbage isn’t the only thing that survives the apocalypse.

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