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Posted on September 18, 2014, GameFront Staff Wasteland 2 Cheats

Gather your post-apocalyptic party and venture out into Wasteland 2 with GameFront’s cheat compendium. This is the vault where all our knowledge for this Kickstarter-funded turn-based RPG is collected. Anything that expands your knowledge of the game — from Steam achievements, to collectibles, to Easter eggs and secrets belongs here.

It is a PC-centric RPG, so there might be a cheat code or two. Console commands are exceedingly rare in modern major releases, but Wasteland 2 isn’t your typical RPG.

Like other crowd-funding successes, Wasteland 2 experienced a delay but hit the Steam Early Access circuit. Now it’s finally out, for real, with all the bells and whistles that entails.

And it’s a pretty momentous occasion. Fans of the Fallout series (mostly) already know the original Wasteland inspired that retro sci-fi franchise. While the Fallout series expanded into the free-roaming exploration realm thanks to Bethesda, Wasteland 2 takes the classic route with a fixed overhead camera giving players control of their team in tactical battles. The aesthetic might be slightly more grounded, missing the ’50s inspired madness of Fallout, but you’ll still encounter plenty of strange sights and sounds. Giant metal scorpions, anyone?

Speaking of giant scorpions, Fallout: New Vegas even managed to reference the famously titanic machines in the Old World Blues DLC. Now the genuine article gets to strut it’s stuff for a new generation.

Keep checking back for the latest links, listed for your browsing convenience in the section below. If there’s something we missed, a cool tidbit we didn’t know, or our coverage feels missing don’t be afraid to drop a comment. We’re always eager for new hints.

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