Wasteland 2 Crowdsourcing 3D Models

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Posted on December 7, 2012, Ross Lincoln Wasteland 2 Crowdsourcing 3D Models

Are you an amateur or just-starting-out developer looking for a break? Then your chance might come thanks to the still in-development Wasteland 2. The team over at inXile are busy bringing this thing to completion, and they need help creating 3D models based on concept art.

But they’re not expecting this help to come for free. In an amazing twist, they’re actually going to be paying people for their work. It won’t make accepted 3D artists a member of inXile, but it will give them a credit on the completed version of Wasteland 2, some much needed money, and a vastly improved resume. Which is to say, if any of you who read Game Front have the skills, go now and try your luck.

Here are the details, straight from the official site:

Get your 3D model in Wasteland 2 and make money in the process! Each week on this page, we will be putting up concept art to be turned into 3D models for our game. By opening up the creative procedure behind our art asset creation, we are able to work with you to increase the overall game experience for everyone. This experiment allows us to focus our internal team onto elements that directly impact the gameplay of Wasteland 2. Follow the steps below to get your creation featured in our game.

Submission Notes

Download and read our Art Style Guide to get a sense of the Wasteland 2 visual style. (link here)

Check this site weekly for the gallery of art assets we are currently looking for. Pick one (or more if you’re quick!) that you’d like to work on.
Spend the week creating the asset and try it out in our Unity test scene available for download (link here).

This test scene will give you a sense of how it looks under our lighting and from our approximate camera view.

If you don’t already have the free version of Unity, grab it here. http://unity3d.com/unity/download/

Submit it to the Unity Asset Store as you would normally, but make sure to clearly put “hold for inXile entertainment” in the description.
Unity will send us all accepted assets and we will select the best ones for our game.

If yours is selected, we will pay you for the asset and you will receive a special “As seen is Wasteland 2″ badge to place on your icon in the Unity Asset Store.

You will also be credited in the Wasteland 2 game for your contribution (not to mention the satisfaction of showing this off to all your friends!).
Please keep pricing in line with the normally accepted range in the Asset Store. Entries will be rejected if the price is too high.
Whether or not your asset is selected by the Wasteland 2 team, it will be available for purchase in the Unity Asset Store by any other developers using Unity.

Over on the page, you’ll see the art they need rendered. Here’s hoping one of you gets the work.

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