Wasteland 2 HUD, Camera, and Dialog System Detailed

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Posted on February 23, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong Wasteland 2 HUD, Camera, and Dialog System Detailed

The Kickstarter-funded Wasteland 2 has seen regular updates of its development since it received close to $3 million in funding from the public.

Today InXile published a post for its 63,000 contributors with extensive new details about Wasteland 2 with regards to the game’s dialogue system, HUD, and camera.

The developer reveals that the camera system is made up of three main elements: zoom level, its ability to track the player as he or she moves around the map, and the ability to rotate the camera to view a scene from any direction.

Furthermore, the developer says that the game’s heads-up display is made up of five elements: Character Portrait, Mini-Map, Action Bar, Hot Key Selector, and Description Text Window. The HUD is fully scalable to work with many different resolution sizes and scale ratios.

“Because we already need to make the HUD work for many different aspect ratios and display resolutions and because even we internally at inXile have different opinions as to how big or small certain elements should be, we are building each element in different sizes and shapes. You can select any of these for your default setup. It doesn’t matter if you want the minimalist version, the long skinny version, the short and wide version, or anything in between. We have it for you. On top of that, the Character Portraits, Mini-Map, and Hot Key Selector also have an Auto-Hide function that slides them on and off the screen as needed.”

Finally, the studio goes in-depth into details about the game’s keyword dialog system, which is a modern take on how the original Wasteland played. That’s one you’ll want to read about.

As it stands, the game appears to be fully on track for release and should please many an old RPG fan.

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