Wasteland 2: Secret Loot Tortoise – Easter Egg Guide

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Posted on September 23, 2014, GameFront Staff Wasteland 2: Secret Loot Tortoise – Easter Egg Guide

Wasteland 2 Rail Nomads Camp Bridge

There’s a tortoise that needs saving in Wasteland 2, and if you’ve got the right skills, you can do it for a big loot payoff. If you’re willing to wait an eternity as the ponderous animal slowly makes it’s one from one side of the map to the other.

It’s an insanely long wait, but if you’ve got the patience the rewards are worth it. Read below to see exactly what needs to be done, and check out the Wasteland 2 cheats page for more tips and tricks just like this. Or drop by the Wasteland 2 video walkthrough to see what progress our Ranger extraordinaire Mitch has made in the campaign.

Secret Loot Tortoise – Easter Egg Guide

High up north in the Rail Nomad’s camp, above the actual rail station lines, your party of Ranger can discover a special tortoise in need. He’s stuck on his back and can’t get back up.

Helping the critter in need with the “Animal Whispering” skill and he’ll reward you with treasure.

…if you can stand to follow his painfully long slog south.

Where to Find the Tortoise

The Rail Nomads Camp is located northeast of the Ranger Citadel if you circle around the irradiated zones, or slightly northwest from the Radio Tower.

The tortoise is found in the northernmost section of the Rail Nomads Camp. Travel north from the central section of the map with the rail car interiors, past the small homeless camp up the middle path.

To interact with the tortoise, you’ll need someone with the “Animal Whispering” skill. If no one in your party has it, you can hire Ralphy from the central train car camp in the middle of the map — if you saved him from drowning at the start of the Nomad Camp map.

Using the skill, the party can flip the tortoise back onto its feet.

Following the Tortoise and Getting the Loot

The tortoise takes an extremely slow walk south through the map. You can follow it down, or just run straight for the river banks in the southeastern section of the map.

Once the tortoise -finally- reaches it’s location, it leaves behind a mound of dirt. Bring a shovel and dig it up to earn yourself a nice stash of randomized loot!

The tortoise always randomly spawns one the following item types for a total of 5 items in the cache; a weapon mod, a rifle, armor, a trinket, and ammo.

It’s a long, long wait. After flipping the turtle over, continue exploring the map and then return to scour the southern river shore — the new mound is hard to miss, but it only spawns once the tortoise reaches its destination. Have patience!

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