Wasteland 2 Will Come With The OG Wasteland

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Posted on July 10, 2012, Ross Lincoln Wasteland 2 Will Come With The OG Wasteland

It’s unlikely you need an additional reason to buy Wasteland 2, inXile Entertainment’s Kickstarter-funded revival of the classic and hugemongously influential RPG that is being shepherded into existence by none other than series creator Brian Fargo himself. But just in case you need a bit more motivation, inXile has confirmed via press release that an agreement has been reached with Electronic Arts, and Wasteland 2 will be bundled with a copy of the original Wasteland.

“The #1 request we had during our Kickstarter campaign was to have the ability to play the first game,” the statement says. “Fortunately EA has continued to support us on this project and has granted us the ability to bring the original to the players.” Fargo later confirmed on Twitter that “The terms were very fair. I can tell you that most publishers would not have helped at ALL.”, marking a rare non-evil appearance by Electronic Arts.

Oddly, the press release refers to Wasteland as a ‘prequel’. “It is great to be able to make Wasteland available for those feeling nostalgic or who want to experience it for the first time. It certainly will not be a pre-requisite to understand Wasteland 2, but it adds some extra flavor if you did play the prequel.” This is an interesting choice of words; Wasteland was of course it’s own thing. Calling it a prequel is a lot like calling The Phantom Menace the first star wars movie*. This could just be an inadvertent misuse of the word, or it could indicate something plotwise. Either way is fine by me, I just want to get my hands on these games as soon as possible.

* Or ‘good’.

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