Watch a full recruitment mission from Watch Dogs Legion

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

One of the interesting aspects to Watch Dogs Legion compared to its predecessors will be your ability to recruit - and play as - any NPC you come across within the game world to DedSec, the anti-establishment rebellion against the corporate tech giants that threaten the future of society as we know it.  

It's not as simple as asking them to join, though - you'll need to complete a mission or two in order to win them over - and a new video released during Gamescom's Future Games Show shows off one of these missions in its entirety

There's a reason to do this - as you can see in the video - each person you recruit will have unique abilities that you'll be able to leverage by playing as that character in missions. One notable example is a construction worker, which will afford you the ability to use a giant drone to fly around London and cause havoc. 

The example shown here is a beekeeper, who will be able to summon a swarm of nano bees, a frankly terrifying prospect. The video shows the process of recruiting the beekeeper to your team from beginning to end. This takes place in two parts, firstly by hacking a security camera to find the location of stolen data, before then heading to a lab to infiltrate and retrieve said data. 

Watch Dogs 2 is releasing on the 29th of October, and I simply can't wait...


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