Watch And Love 11 Minutes Of Dead Island Footage (Video)

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Posted on May 23, 2011, Ross Lincoln Watch And Love 11 Minutes Of Dead Island Footage (Video)

Behold the best 11 minutes of zombie killing you’ll see all week. Dead Island, Techland’s upcoming open-world horror survival game, hasn’t really grabbed my interest. Mainly because the last attempt to do open-world horror, the Dead Rising series, was (in my opinion) a ginormous failure. I may be overly angry about a save point-based save system, and too much to do between saves to the point that you want to throw your controller at the TV after 5 minutes, but I really hate those games.

The point is that another go at the same idea didn’t really appeal much to me, until I saw the footage below of 11 minutes of Dead Island with commentary by the developers. Now I am firmly sold on the idea. You’ll see what is shaping up to be a dense, detailed game with lots to do, including some smart borrowing from other recent games. For instance, the weapons-repair feature looks to include customization similar to Dead Rising 2. You’ll also see the excellent looking melee combat system featuring a Bulletstorm-style kick you can use to propel attacking ghouls away from you, and an emphasis on strategic attacks rather than simple no-holds bloodbaths.

Rather than read me blather on and on about it, take a few minutes and watch the whole thing.

Dead Island is due August 1st for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No doubt we’ll get to see plenty of it at E3, and rest assured we’ll let you know what we think.

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