BioShock Infinite – Motorized Patriot – Heavy Hitters Pt 1 (VIDEO)

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Posted on March 8, 2012, Ross Lincoln BioShock Infinite – Motorized Patriot – Heavy Hitters Pt 1 (VIDEO)

BioShock Infinite is really shaping up to be a serious departure from the series’ previously established conventions. It abandons the dueling ideologies of the first two (Objectivism, followed by Maoism), replacing them with a look not at ideology, but at national self esteem. Rather than following the story and timeline of the previous two games, it’s set a century in the past. And it also has a lot of different stuff for gamers to do, from an environment light years distant from the underwater hell of the previous games, to a bigger variety of enemies. No more Big Daddies! Or, at least, no more nothing-but.

Infinite’s version of the Big Daddy unit appears to be the Heavy Hitter. They come in 4 varieties, and here’s a trailer explaining the first one, the Motorized Patriot, which is basically a robot killing machine version of George Washington. So, awesome.

BioShock Infinite drops October 19, 2012.

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