Watch Dogs: Access Granted DLC – Hard Drives Locations Guide

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Posted on July 8, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: Access Granted DLC – Hard Drives Locations Guide

The first singleplayer add-on dropped for Watch Dogs recently, so we’re here to provide more details on finding those extra collectibles scattered across a connected Chicago.

Once you complete the Palace mission, also available as a pre-order bonus, you’ll begin another optional quest to track down hidden hard drives. Some aren’t so easy to find, requiring precise navigational and a careful eye to spot. Check out the full instructions below to find each location.

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Black Market Hard Drives Collectibles Locations Guide

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  • There are 10 Hard Drives to collect after working through “The Palace” add-on mission included in the Access Granted DLC pack. After finding all 10, a final mission will unlock.

Brandon Docks

  • Hard Drive #1:
    • Location: North Grasslands Fences
    • Description: East of the diagonal bridge to the right of the vertical tram line, you’ll find this hard drive up in the hills. Jump off the highway and run on-foot across the dirt and junk to reach a dirt road leading to the fenced section at the top. Move along to the concrete structure near the fence to scan the hard drive on the roof.

Parker Square

  • Hard Drive #2:
    • Location: Food Restaurant Rooftop
    • Description: Travel north from the stadium and stop at the large “Food” sign with the steps behind it. Climb the stairs and jump off onto the roof, then use the air-conditioning unit to climb up onto the higher roof to the left.
  • Hard Drive #3:
    • Location: Alley Scaffolds
    • Description: Southwest of the Parker stadium, go to the “Cheesy Beefy” burger sign out front of the Bakery. Drive down the alley to the left, past the parking lot, and take a left to find some scaffolding. Climb the wooden palettes then the ladder on the scaffolds to finally reach a hard drive.
  • Hard Drive #4:
    • Location: South of the Stadium Rooftop
    • Description: Travel south from the stadium to the alley with the large brick building. Look up toward the roof to find a lift that can be lowered. Bring it down then ride it back up. Move along the left ledge to reach the hard drive.


  • Hard Drive #5:
    • Location: Northwest Abandoned Building
    • Description: In the northwest of Pawnee, down the road from the old Satellite facility there’s an abandoned red building off the road. Go in through the garage to find the hard drive on the ground.
  • Hard Drive #6:
    • Location: Northern Bridge Construction Site
    • Description: Go to the north side of the bridge still under construction. Run toward the ramp ahead and look on the left edge. There’s a metal grating bridge use can use to cross to a platform. Drop down to the platform beneath, climb down, or look for another way to get down to the lower level beneath the street. Near the rocks on the northern edge, look near the right railing to find the next hard drive.
  • Hard Drive #7:
    • Location: Southeast Hills
    • Description: Take the road southwest from the bridge construction site. To reach it, you’ll need to use the dirt paths further south. Look for the thin lines south of the construction site — those are dirt roads. Drive up and run on-foot to the lodge. Move up the hill to reach a metal roof near the ledge.

The Loop

  • Hard Drive #8:
    • Location: Northeast Alley Rooftops
    • Description: Go to the two blocks in the upper northeast corner of the Loop. Go to the alleyway in the left-most of the two blocks and enter the alleyway. There’s a red garbage dumpster with a ladder above. Climb up then scramble up the wooden pallets to the right. Take another right and climb the air conditioner unit. From the park, turn around and hop the railing to the left and run across the rooftop. Clamber up to yet another high roof. Straight ahead, there should be a roof access door marked up with graffiti. The hard drive is to the right.
  • Hard Drive #9:
    • Location: East Docks
    • Description: Climb the green fence outside the docks and look in the grass outside the main facility to locate this open hard drive.

The Wards

  • Hard Drive #10:
    • Location: Southwest Corner Ruins
    • Description: In the lowest southwest corner of the map, look for ruined brick walls. Among the debris, you’ll find the next hard drive.

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