Watch Dogs: Burner Phones Collectibles Locations Guide

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Posted on May 28, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: Burner Phones Collectibles Locations Guide

Get some backstory, earn an achievement (or trophy) and unlock a new car after collected these hidden burner phones in Watch Dogs with the detailed locations right here.

Every collectible appears after hacking the Blume Corporation’s ctOS towers — most every collectible, at least. Only 5 of the 8 phones will appear on your map. There are no towers in the outlying rural area of Pawnee, leaving you in the metaphorical dark. Don’t stumble around without a clue, save some time and go straight for each location with the text instructions below.

Or check out the story, with accompanying mission-specific tips, on GameFront’s Watch_Dogs video walkthrough, including step-by-step text tips and screenshots. If you’re hunting for more unlockables and collectibles like this, find the full compendium with our Watch Dogs cheats list.

Burner Phones Collectibles Locations Guide

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The investigation begins after scanning Maurice’s phone during the campaign. There are 8 Burner Phones left in the city to collect. After scanning a phone, you’ll be rewarded with an audio log. Find them all to earn the “Sanity Check” achievement / trophy. You’ll also unlock the Vespid Limited Edition vehicle. Hack every ctOS Tower to find most of the Burner locations, but some still won’t appear. Check out the details below.

Campaign Mission

  • Burner Phone #1:
    • Location: Mission Interior – Park Square
    • Description: During the course of the campaign, you’ll have to scan a phone that initiates this investigation. It can’t be missed.

Brandon Docks

  • Burner Phone #2:
    • Location: Southeastern Warehouse
    • Description: Enter the large white corrugated metal warehouse in the docks. You can hack the garage shutter and raise it to explore the wide interior. There’s a staircase to the left. Climb it up and check out the mattress on the floor ahead.
  • Burner Phone #3:
    • Location: Far East Docks “For Lease” Warehouse
    • Description: In the docks proper on the easternmost edge of the district, look for an open warehouse with “For Lease” printed above the already-open door. Climb the steps to the right of the entrance and go upstairs to find a desk with the phone.


  • Burner Phone #4:
    • Location: Central District Motel
    • Description: Take the road south from the under-construction bridge to reach an out door motel. There’s a ladder in the back left corner. Look on the rooftop behind the “Motel” sign.
  • Burner Phone #5:
    • Location: Central District Trailer Park
    • Description: In the southern side of the trailer park, look for a larger blue and white trailer with flags hanging from it. Climb onto the roof to find the phone on a railing.
  • Burner Phone #6:
    • Location: North Fish Shop Shack
    • Description: In the northern section of Pawnee, look for a blue fish restaurant along the water-line. To the left of the front entrance, there’s a fenced-in area with a boat. Go inside the blue shack next to the boat to get the phone.

The Loop

  • Burner Phone #7:
    • Location: Southwest Underpass Homeless Town
    • Description: In the far southwest corner of the district, look under the raised freeway bridge to find a group of squatters. Look for the phone inside one of the homes — on a mattress with a blue sheet under some wood.

The Wards

  • Burner Phone #8:
    • Location: Squatter Construction Site
    • Description: Go to the large open area in the Wards where a building once stood. The demolish site still has ruined concrete pillars and the wreckage of a three-story building. Climb up to the third floor and look on the wooden plank.

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