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Posted on May 27, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs Cheats

Take control of the information super-highway with a few secretive tips and tricks right here on the Watch Dogs cheats page, where we list everything extra for Ubisoft’s massive city-spanning action-adventure title.

To set itself apart from other shooters, Watch Dogs puts the power of hacking at your finger-tips. The fictionalized Chicago is teeming with cameras, automatic barriers, an all sorts of security measures after a massive cyber-attack. Now everything and everyone is connected, allowing you to hack into phones, invade people’s privacy, and control the flow of information to your advantage — all to get revenge against the men that wronged you.

There’s something unique going on under Watch Dogs’ GTA-inspired veneer, so stick with us as we dig in and scour the net for extra info. Achievement guides, collectible locations, Easter eggs or secret unlockables — all that and more belongs in the expanding list of links you’ll find below.

Actual cheat codes are pretty rare in this age of big-budget console releases, so we’ve included everything else under the sun in one easy-to-browse location. Stick with us as new articles are updated, and don’t forget we’re always looking for tips. If there’s something we missed, let us know in the comments.

To get into the game’s grey hat hacking campaign, check out GameFront’s Watch Dogs walkthrough, complete with video, screenshots, and text tips to get you through every sneaky mission.

There’s a lot more city-wide action to experience, so give a few of our other guides a look if you’re hungry for anything else like Watch Dogs. For the original crime caper series, browse through the complete Grand Theft Auto 5 walkthrough, or get into more neon-tinted undercover action in the Sleeping Dogs video guide.

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