Watch Dogs: ctOS Tower Collectibles Locations Guide

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Posted on May 27, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: ctOS Tower Collectibles Locations Guide

Discover how to reach all 13 ctOS towers in Watch Dogs with our quick collectibles guide, walking you through each tricky area.

Not only will you unlock the “Clear Signals” trophy or achievement, but there are other bonuses associated with these locations. Each tower creates a fast-travel point when hacked, and once you’ve got the challenges done every single collectible will appear on the map. Snazzy, right? Get the navigation instructions below.

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ctOS Tower Collectibles Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

  • To activate towers, you must first complete hacks against ctOS systems. These are marked on your map — they can be completed freely or during the course of the story campaign.
  • Once the towers become available, you’ll need to use hacking skills to reach the rooftop. Some of the challenges can be tricky; use hacking on fork lifts or other objects to traverse the environment. Sometimes locked doors will get in your way, you’ll need to hack cameras and unlock doors by finding hidden control switches.

Brandon Docks

  • ctOS Tower #1:
    • Location: Central docks brick building and Silos.
    • Description: Get to the silots and use the blue platform to get onto the roof. Climb the ladder and cross the bridge, looking right for a camera to hack. Look left and chain to a second camera on the silo, then a third on the building across the tracks. From here, hack the terminal behind the fence to your right. Then, switch back to the silo camera to instead move to a camera inside the upper floor of the building across. Inside the building, hack the second control box.
  • ctOS Tower #2:
    • Location: Southeastern Shipping Office.
    • Description: Start by hacking the control box attached to the office, then drive a car into the cargo container loader. Drive through the fence straight ahead and you’re free to reach the tower.
  • ctOS Tower #3:
    • Location: West Brick Building
    • Description: Out on the train tracks there’s a large brick structure. To the right of the front-entrance, you’ll be able to access a camera looking down into the fenced area. Unlock the box inside, then ride the blue platform. Don’t forget to destroy the circuit box. Now circle around to the left to get to the tower.

Mad Mile

  • ctOS Tower #4:
    • Location: Western Island, below the Bridge
    • Description: Look for a camera on the dock, near thee ctOS building logo. Follow the cameras across the benches to find a control box in the back corner. That’ll open the gate below leading to the stairs. Follow the wooden walkway to the right and climb the ladder up to find another box. Hack it to reach the tower.
  • ctOS Tower #5:
    • Location: Northwestern Campus
    • Description: Unlock the switch next to the park court, then cross over to the blue platform around the corner. Raise it up and climb to the roof. Jump out onto the glass roof and turn right to hack another box. Jump the fence and cross the glass to the building to your right, then jump over the railing to reach the tower.
  • ctOS Tower #6:
    • Location: Northeastern Garage
    • Description: Entering the parking garage west of the huge skyscraper and get to the third floor. There are large concrete bridges leading across to another building where you can see a yellow ladder. Climb over, then follow the railing right. Scamper up the vents and move over the balcony to a control box. Hack it, then circle around and hack the first box you spotted earlier. With access to an interior camera, hack the next linking camera and use the control box. The fence to your left will now unlock.

Parker Square

  • ctOS Tower #7:
    • Location: Western warehouse district.
    • Description: To reach the tower, enter the alleyway and run into the fenced in area with barbed wire. There’s a forklift here. Use it to reach the rooftop, climb up and around to the right, then raise the platform below to get across the gap. Climb the fire escape ladder and hack the camera; the control box for the door is on the wall, to the right.
  • ctOS Tower #8:
    • Location: North-eastern grounds, near the wateer.
    • Description: To get inside this small fenced-in electricity shack area, circle around and hop the crates until you find a camera. Hack it, and lower the forklift to jump into another camera, giving you a view of the control box attached to the exterior of the building.

The Loop

  • ctOS Tower #9:
    • Location: Northeastern Corner, South of the River
    • Description: In the alley, look for a raised blue platform. Bring it down, ride it up, then stand at the fence. There’s a camera behind you can hack, pointing down at the control box. Unlock the door and you’re in.
  • ctOS Tower #10:
    • Location: Central District, Behind MaMa
    • Description: Ride the blue platform in the alley up, then climb the scaling rooftops to a fenced in area. There’s a camera above to the left of the gate. Use it, then look up and across at the maintenance room on the rooftop slightly to the left. There’s a control box far away that can be hard to spot. There’s a second one too — find the camera against the far building to the right, then look slightly right at the second control box.
  • ctOS Tower #11:
    • Location: Southern Loop, near the South Bridges
    • Description: Once again, use the blue lifting platform in the alley, then hop over the vents until you reach a locked gate. Look up and left to spot a camera. Hit the first control box, then chain to the next camera to your left to hit another control box. Now you’re free to climb up to the ctOS tower.

The Wards

  • ctOS Tower #12:
    • Location: West Facility
    • Description: Jump the fence into the grey building surrounded by crates and construction material. Ride the blue lift up and use the camera on the pole to your left. Chain to a second camera and hack the control box. Climb the vents to the right, hack the switch console, move down the left path, climb the ladder, and finally jump down to the tower.
  • ctOS Tower #13:
    • Location: Eastern Rooftop (Accessed through the Train Tracks)
    • Description: This one is tricky. Drive a motorcycle up onto the raised train tracks to reach the eastern tower in this district. The platform can be reached on foot, but it’s dangerous out there. Hop the metal railing, then hack the camera on the pole. Turn left and hack the next camera on the building across the gap and blow the junction box — attacked to the same wall as the camera. Next, unlock the security switch and you’re in.

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