Watch Dogs: How to Cheat at Poker & Earn Easy Money

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Posted on May 29, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: How to Cheat at Poker & Earn Easy Money

Hacking is practically Aiden’s magic power in Watch Dogs, so why not harness it for some big payouts?

Sure, you can hack into ATMs for a quick cash infusion, but if you’re looking for dollars starting in the ten thousand range, you’ll have to bet everything in high stakes poker. But, you can mitigate the risk and get all the reward with the simple cheating method below. Check it out and get rich quick.

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How to Cheat at Poker & Earn Easy Money

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  • To make lots of money, travel to the High Stakes Poker game in The Loop district. This is a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, and the stakes are higher, meaning your earning potential is greater here than at any other betting minigame.
  • Sit down in the bar and start playing. But there’s a way to cheat. Look up and slightly left, above the bar top, to hack a camera watching the game.
  • From this camera, you can look at each of your opponents and read their stress levels with Facial Recognition. Generally, higher stress levels means the targeted opponent has worse cards — they’re bluffing.
  • You can also see at least two of your opponents’ cards directly by zooming in with the camera. It should make knowing when to fold and when to stay in much easier.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Earning 30,000$+ is easy. Remember to:

1. Go to the High Stakes Poker game in The Loop
2. Use the Camera above the bar.
3. Use Facial Recognition to gauge stress levels.
4. Zoom in to see your opponent’s cards.

  • Use this handy hack to earn big money in poker.

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