Watch Dogs: How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

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Posted on May 28, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

Lose the cops and earn the “Free Radical” achievement with ease in Watch Dogs with our simple methods for escape. We’re not even including the all-powerful Blackout ability that turns out the lights for an entire city block. In Watch Dogs, there are more ways to hide, and we’ve listed three escape options below.

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How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

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Method #1: Train Escape

  • One of the easiest methods for escape involves the raised L-Line trains throughout the city. After raising your wanted level to 5, hop into a train and ride it to safety.

Method #2: ctOS Building Underground Garage

  • Travel to the ctOS multi-floored pavilion in The Loop. Bring a car to escape through the front door when you have full stars. You’ll also need to be able to activate vehicle blockers and garage doors.
  • Start on the upper floor and start causing havoc. Go on a rampage with your weapons to draw in the police. Continue to fight with the police on the upper floors until your wanted level increases to 5.
  • Once you do, hop in the car and travel to the road directly west of the building. There’s a small underground parking lot north of the train station with blockers and a garage shutter.
  • Drive to the underground lot, activate the blockers to stop any pursuing cars, then hack the garage shutter. Raise it, drive in, then lower it and park.
  • Once you’re behind the garage door, run to the locked door on foot, unlock it by hacking the switch console, then wait in the hallway until you’re clear.

Method #3: Parking Lot Hiding Spot

  • Any of the tall parking lots work. After hitting wanted level 5, drive to a high floor of the lot. The third or fourth floor will do.
  • Don’t go to the open-air top floor or you’ll be spotted by helicopters. Stay below a roof and select to hide in your car once the police have lost sight.
  • Sit and hide until they give up the chase.

Achievement / Trophy unlocked

  • Free Radical (30 points / Silver):
    Escape a Level 5 Police Chase

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