Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode delayed until 2021

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

There's bad news for those of you looking forward to diving into the bustling metropolis of London with friends in Watch Dogs Legion, as Ubisoft has announced that the game's promised multiplayer mode has now been delayed until some time next year.

The delay will likely only be until early in the new year, although Ubisoft didn't specifically give a new date for the mode. 

As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021. This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode.

The good news is the delay is for a good reason. Focus will instead be given to fixing bugs and technical glitches with the game, with patch 2.2 coming this week with a whole host of fixes, and even a manual save button, for those who feel disconcerted (like me) about quitting the game without hitting some kind of save option. :)

Even better, Ubisoft is promising that more technical improvements to performance will come in December, meaning increased performance on high-end GPUs. I'm not holding my breath, as performance even on my RTX 3080 is pretty dire, but if they can smooth things out, that would be awesome. 


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