Watch Dogs: Legion online mode is releasing next month

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

I've been waiting what feels like forever for Watch Dogs Legion's online mode to release, but thankfully the wait is nearly over - the mode will be coming to the game in two weeks time, on the 9th of March.

Watch Dogs Legion's online mode was originally due in December last year but was pushed back to give Ubisoft time to patch the main game, which suffered from a number of bugs and performance issues on release. Those issues, I'm happy to say, are long gone, so I'm ready for some online co-op action in London.

Online will allow you to perform a series of co-op missions with friends, along with other side activities including an 8-player spider bot arena battle that seems very Robot Wars-esque, and a tactical operations mode. Hopefully, we won't be waiting too much longer after that for the story DLC, too - I'm pretty excited to see Aiden Pierce and Wrench again from the first two games.

Watch Dogs Legion online releases on the 9th of March. 


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