Watch Dogs Legion will contain fan-created songs

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Ubisoft have announced they're partnering with HitRecord, the online creative collaboration platform, to give fans the opportunity to create brand-new music to be featured within the game.

Ubisoft will be commissioning 10 new songs through the platform, to be included in the final game, with the successful artists being paid $2,000 each for their work. It's not the first time the company have one this, as they previously did a similar thing for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The difference this time that the process will be handled slightly differently when it comes to payment, with the company being more transparent about how it will work. There was some backlash to the Beyond Good and Evil 2 campaign, as the company were only accepting "spec work" - meaning artists may not get paid if Ubisoft didn't like the end product.

This time around, it's more of a talent show type affair, as artists can submit short concepts such as vocals, drum beats or a whole song if they wanted, in the hopes of being chosen, at which point they'll be guaranteed the payout.

The winning song will be allotted a $2,000 payout, and that will be divided among the creators of the piece based on contribution.


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