Watch Dogs: QR Code Collectibles Locations Guide

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Posted on May 27, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: QR Code Collectibles Locations Guide

Earn the “Read-Only” trophy / achievement with these hidden QR codes in Watch Dogs.

There are multiple investigations to complete around Chicago, and this is one of the trickier side-quests to finish on your own without some extra help. Instead of searching all over Chicago without a clue, get locations for all 16 markers in the descriptions right here.

When you’re done looking up codes, try experiencing the winding plot with the GameFront crew on our expansive Watch Dogs walkthrough. Or log-on to the Watch Dogs cheats list to find a compendium of extra information, including everything from unlockable extras to more collectible locations.

QR Code Collectibles Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

  • Discovering all 16 QR codes completes an investigation into an infamous hacker. To make this quest easier, hack every ctOS Tower to unlock collectible locations.
  • Even with the codes marked on your map, you might need some help getting the right angle on the code. Check out the complete info below for more thorough instructions.

Brandon Docks

  • QR Code #1:
    • Location: Northern Island Warehouse
    • Description: On the smaller island to the north of the district, there’s an open-air warehouse on the southern edge of the island. There’s a camera on the tall open warehouse exterior. Look up to spot the relatively close code on the corrugated metal structure across the parking.
  • QR Code #2:
    • Location: Central River East Bank Train Station
    • Description: There’s a fenced-in brick building to the north of the train station. Hack the camera facing the station and turn right to spot the code on a Tidis building.
  • QR Code #3:
    • Location: Eastern Waterway Billboard
    • Description: Along the waterway look for a large billboard underneath power lines. There’s a camera attached to the pole nearby. Look slightly left at the building beneath another blue billboard. The building has a large monitor screen.
  • QR Code #4:
    • Location: Central Raised Bridge
    • Description: At the complicated bridge right in the center of the district, look for a camera attached to a building with an LCD screen nearby. On the camera, look left and across the water at the silos. The camera is on a building at the eastern side of the short bridge.

Mad Mile

  • QR Code #5:
    • Location: Northeast District Tower For Rent
    • Description: Go to the base of the tower near the “For Rent” sign. Travel to the garage with a vent across the ceiling edge to spot a camera to the left of the sign. Hack it and look up at the brick building across the highway.
  • QR Code #6:
    • Location: Western District
    • Description: Find the code near the lower freeway intersection, south of the raised road. The code is visible on a building west of the four-lane. Grab the camera east of the road on the mirrored building. It’s high up. Look up after hacking it to spot it on a building in the distance.
  • QR Code #7:
    • Location: Central District Church
    • Description: Travel down to the stone church in the middle of the Mad Mile. Cross the road from the front entrance and look on the opposite building for a camera. Look up and to the left to find the code.

Parker Square

  • QR Code #8:
    • Location: Western District Mechanic’s Alley
    • Description: Enter the alley with the graffiti and walk to the mechanic’s fenced in area. There’s a camera above the awning. Hack it and look left at the back of the buildings on the street to scan the code.
  • QR Code #9:
    • Location: Central District Theater Alley
    • Description: Travel to the alley behind the theater building and hack the camera at the corner. It’s near the hanging white/blue triangular flags hanging over the road. With the camera, look to the right and across to the rooftops beyond the street.


  • QR Code #10:
    • Location: Eastern District Bridge Construction Area
    • Description: Travel to the south-bank of the eastern bridge, the one that’s still under construction in Pawnee. There’s a camera on a pole to the left of the road. Hack it and look on the back side of the billboard to the right.

The Loop

  • QR Code #11:
    • Location: North Central, City Block on the Freeway South Turn
    • Description: Go to the alley in the city block just south and west of the freeway south turn. Move to the center of the four buildings and hack the camera pointing out to the street. Look up and left to get the code.
  • QR Code #12:
    • Location: West Island Tower
    • Description: Travel along the raised tracks and jump the rails to the tower on the right, then look high up on the building. Move the camera up and right to find the code on the building up the road.
  • QR Code #13:
    • Location: Southwest Underpass
    • Description: In the underpass on the southern edge of the Loop, you’ll find an area with three raised bridges over the water. Look underneath for a camera attached to the under-side and look up to the pylons across the water.
  • QR Code #14:
    • Location: East Train Station
    • Description: Move to the steps leading up to the raised train tracks on the eastern side of the Loop. There’s a camera attached to the brick building. Look up and across to find a code on the ceiling in the distance.

The Wards

  • QR Code #15:
    • Location: Southwestern Housing
    • Description: South of the train station in the lower west corner of the district, look for a small separate house with a camera on the front corner. Use it to look right across the rooftop and spot a QR code.
  • QR Code #16:
    • Location: Far Northwestern Corner Dock
    • Description: On the further northwestern point of the district, there’s a small dock near the river wall. Drive a boat over to the wall to find a camera on one of the buildings, then turn right to spot the code.

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