Watch Dogs: Unlockable Weapons, Vehicles, Costumes & Perks

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Posted on May 29, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: Unlockable Weapons, Vehicles, Costumes & Perks

Hack into Watch_Dogs and unlock new vehicles, perks, costumes and weapons while completing challenges throughout the campaign. Don’t miss a thing with the list below, explaining how to get the Vespid LE sports car or unlock a powerful Tommy Gun.

Most of these unlockables, unfortunately, are related to pre-order DLC that will become available later for those that didn’t pre-purchase.

For some help getting those progression upgrades, try checking out GameFront’s Watch Dogs video guide, showing you how to complete every story-related mission. To see how to find some of the required collectibles to unlock these extras, browse through the growing list of Watch Dogs cheats.

Unlockable Weapons, Vehicles, Costumes & Perks

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

  • There are tons of extras to unlock in Watch_Dogs, but some of these extra require access to DLC. Currently the DLC packs are only available to special edition pre-orders, but all of these packs will be released to the public at a later date.

Unlockable Vehicles

Unlockable Costumes

  • Black Viceroys Outfit: Complete the Signature Shot Mission Pack DLC.
  • White Hat Hacker Outfit: Complete Sony’s Playstation 3/4 exclusive missions.
  • Blume Agent Outfit: Unlocks with the Blume Agent DLC.
  • Chicago South Club Outfit: Unlocks with the Club Justice DLC.
  • CyberPunk Outfit: Unlocks with the CyberPunk DLC.
  • Untouchables Outfit: Unlocks with the Untouchables DLC.
  • DedSec Outfit: Unlocks with the DedSec Shadow DLC.

Unlockable Weapons

  • Biometric Rifle: Complete the Signature Shot Mission Pack DLC.
  • CyperPunk Gun: Available in the Cyberpunk DLC.

Unlockable Perks

  • ATM Hack Boost: Complete the Palace Pack DLC missions to earn more cash when hacking ATM terminals.
  • Investigation Bonus: Complete the Palace Pack DLC missions to earn more videos while hacking databanks.
  • Vehicle Boost: Available in The Club Justice DLC, increases the amount a damage a vehicle can take.
  • Vehicle Expert Perk: Complete the Breakthrough Pack DLC missions to earn free car deliveries and purchase discounts.
  • Hacking Boost: Available in the DedSec Shadow or by completing the Playstation Exclusive missions; increases battery power.
  • Weapon Boost: Available in the Blume Agent DLC, decreases recoil with all guns.

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