Watch Dogs: Weapon Crates Locations Guide

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Posted on May 30, 2014, GameFront Staff Watch Dogs: Weapon Crates Locations Guide

Go hunting for smugglers and complete an investigation with these Watch_Dogs weapon crates locations.

Every crate is hidden behind a locked garage door, forcing the hacking master Aiden to locate a hidden security switch box. Once the switch box is found, it’s just a matter of scanning the crate inside. Once every crate has been scanned, you’ll be on your way to a final mission and the “Saturday Night Special” achievement or trophy. Get all the details in the list below.

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Weapon Crates Locations Guide

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  • There are 9 Weapon Crates hidden behind garage shutters across the Chicago area. For each location, you’ll need to find a security switch box and hack it to open the locked shutter door.
  • If you hack every ctOS Tower, the Weapon Crates will appear on the map as small target reticules.
  • To complete the investigation, you must reach the “Jury-Rigged” mission in Act 2.
  • Once all 9 Weapon Crates are scanned, you’ll unlock the final mission to complete the investigation. Finishing the investigation unlocks the “Saturday Night Special” achievement / trophy.

Brandon Docks

  • Weapon Crate #1:
    • Location: Southern Island’s Edge
    • Description: Go to the large island in Brandon Docks and look south of the train station to find a warehouse building surrounded by fences. Just circle around behind the larger structure to find the console switch box.
  • Weapon Crate #2:
    • Location: Central Alley
    • Description: Look in an alley very close to the stubby short bridge in the middle of Brandon Docks. Look down and just slightly left on the map. There’s a garage built into a shipping yard filled with construction materials. Go behind the garage and take a left to reach steps leading to the roof. Get up to the first roof, don’t keep going up, and look behind the vents to find the control console.

Mad Mile

  • Weapon Crate #3:
    • Location: West Island – Northeast Corner
    • Description: Go to the round island just west of the Mad Mile proper. There’s an auto repair place near the L-Line. Climb to the roof with the ladder around the side of the building. Move forward and turn left, then blow away the fence to find the switch.
  • Weapon Crate #4:
    • Location: Central Downtown
    • Description: Go to the northwest train station and travel to the building block just southeast. Cross the street and look for a camera overlooking the garage on a large white/glass tower. Hack the

Parker Square

  • Weapon Crate #5:
    • Location: Southeast Garage
    • Description: Go to the garage with the bright yellow sign in southeast Parker Square, then cross to the opposite sidewalk. In the alley, there’s a brick building with a camera. Hack it and look straight across the parking lot to a yellow building rooftop. The security console is there. Hack it to unlock the shutter around the side of the mechanic’s shop.

The Loop

  • Weapon Crate #6:
    • Location: West Island
    • Description: Travel along the western edge of the island in the Loop district. There’s an alley to the south of the L-Line. After finding the garage, return to the main street entrance to the alley and look up for a camera. With the camera hacked, look right on the rooftop for a security switch.
  • Weapon Crate #7:
    • Location: Northern River Underground
    • Description: Beneath the L-Line curve as it turns south, look against the brick wall behind a stack of wooden pallets.
  • Weapon Crate #8:
    • Location: Southern Area Alley
    • Description: Travel into the alleys south of the eastern Loop train station. There’s a back area with sky-walks between the buildings. Hack the camera on the dark red brick building looking inward at the alley courtyard, then hack the camera across the way, above. With the second camera hacked, look across to the rooftop with the control console.

The Wards

  • Weapon Crate #9:
    • Location: Northwest Auto Mechanic
    • Description: Just south of the Parker Square crate, look for an auto mechanic off a northwestern road in the Wards. The place you want is called “Jay’s Garage” — behind the mechanic, there’s a grey building with a yellow ladder. Climb it to the roof, climb up another step, then circle around the highest brick rooftop to find the security console. It’ll unlock the garage door back at Jay’s.

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