Watch Our GTA Online Livestream Tomorrow At 1 PM

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Posted on September 30, 2013, Ross Lincoln Watch Our GTA Online Livestream Tomorrow At 1 PM

UPDATE: Our GTA Online stream has been delayed due to bad server weather. We’re currently shooting for 1 PM PST on Thursday October 3rd, but we’ll see how it goes…

Free tomorrow? Then join Game Front for an afternoon of unrestricted criminal wrongdoing. If you’re like us, the better part of the last two weeks has been spent blowing up half of Los Santos and murdering a sizable population of its citizens in Grand Theft Auto V.

That parade of wanton killing is unlikely to end anytime soon, since Grand Theft Auto Online goes live sometime tomorrow. And to celebrate, our video team ballas James and Mitch will be livestreaming several hours of the service’s inaugural day, starting at 1:00 PM Pacific time.

That is, assuming it goes off without crashing Rockstar’s servers. The company has already warned fans in advance that the first few days will probably be slow and choppy due to overwhelming interest from the millions of people who’ve helped make the game a billion dollar seller. Yes, once again a game benefitting from a tens-of-millions-of-dollars marketing budget has shocked its developers by being popular. But hey, Rockstar’s getting out in front of it is a nice change from the norm, where companies fail to even acknowledge the problems with online games for several days, and then act shocked that the game they’ve been marketing is experiencing server problems. Progress!

So, tomorrow at 1 PM, be sure to check right here and watch the fun as James and Mitch go to town. Of course, you don’t have to just watch. Join the Game Front Rockstar Crew and play with us.

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