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Posted on January 2, 2013, Ross Lincoln Watch The New Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Trailer

Few things were as disappointing in 2012 quite like the way the Mass Effect series imploded spectacularly. Mass Effect 3 ended so poorly that even nearly a year later I simply cannot muster the will to play the first two games again, which makes me kind of sad, similar to how you feel when you run into a treasured friend from college and find out they’ve completely let themselves go and also they’re working at a pawn shop despite having two, count em, two degrees.

Anyway, despite this, I remain somewhat interested in the animated film Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, which is about the adventures of James Vega prior to signing up with Shepard. Some people hate the character but Vega is one of the things I unambiguously like about Mass Effect 3, even if his character’s inclusion seems to have some at the expense of EVERYONE YOU LIKED FROM MASS EFFECT 2. (I suspect Freddie Prinz Jr.’s paycheck was bigger than everyone else’s. Sigh.) Now we have a new trailer for the thing, and here it is:

To be honest, it looks like crap. The writing might be really good, but this animation looks cheaper than Inspector Gadget. Sigh.

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