Watch This Timelapse Video Of A Guy Designing A Video Game In 48 Hours

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Posted on August 24, 2010, Ross Lincoln Watch This Timelapse Video Of A Guy Designing A Video Game In 48 Hours

So the competition phase of Ludum Dare 18 just wrapped up. What’s that? Ludum Dare is a contest held every 4 months for ballsy indie gamers willing to ruin their hands and go forever without sleeping. The challenge is to make a playable, complete game in a single weekend. PS: Developers must work alone. It’s grueling test of amateur skill and one of those things that makes you want to get down on your knees and thank the geek gods for the internet. After anonymous payment, of course.

This year’s theme was “enemies as weapons”. The judging/voting phase just started, so we won’t know the winner for about 13 days, but we’re already seeing some awesome shizz. Case in point, this charming, old-timey looking game called Metagun. Metagun looks eerily familiar to anyone who played Miner 2049er, the original mario Bros, or early GUI versions of Oregon Trail. It also has a backstory rivaling the original Megaman’s inscrutably poor translation:

Yes! Awesome! Anyway, Metagun creator Marrkus Persson was so proud of himself that he recorded his work and released this timelapse video to show it off.

Making Metagun Timelapse – Watch more Game Trailers

Pure Win. Watch that over and over and regret having gone to Boy Scout camp instead of computer camp. You can play Metagun for yourself here.

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