Watch_Dogs Trailer Featuring NVIDIA Technology

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Posted on April 10, 2014, Jeff Mills Watch_Dogs Trailer Featuring NVIDIA Technology

Using NVIDIA technology, Ubisoft shows PC Gamers what they should expect Watch_Dogs to look like on an NVIDIA GPU.

In the trailer, you’re taken on a tour of the city Watch_Dogs’ storyline will happen, Chicago. As you fly around each area you’re shown just how much detail they put into the graphics and lighting you should will see as you hack your way through the metropolis. Using technologies such as HBAO Plus (horizon based ambient occlusion) and TXAA (temporal anti-aliasing) they provide graphics that look amazingly realistic. The question is, since this is NVIDIA technology, will it look as good or have the same level of performance on an AMD card?

What they didn’t mention what the system specs were which rendered the scenes for the trailer. Developers tend to run trailers and gameplay demos on rather beefy systems ($2000+) to ensure there are no performance issues. So it will be interesting to see who can actually run the game with that much detail and framerate stability.

In any event, at least Ubisoft is making a PC specific version and not some port from a console version. Right?

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