We See First Glimpse Of Conan Unconquered

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Published by Digz 3 years ago

Funcom have teamed up with legendary RTS game developers Petroglyph, makers of games such as the most brilliant Command Conquer series and the Star Wars: Empire at War series. This new game is an extremely fast paced strategy game whereby you as the player will face waves of enemies that become harder, more fierce and grow by the number by each wave. The key is to ensure that you build a stronghold that can withstand anything that comes your way including towers, walls and other defensive siege works. 

The game is singleplayer as well as multiplayer where two players can share a stronghold to build up and defend against the mass of hordes coming to attack you. We eagerly await any game made by Petroglyph and their legendary team and will report on any news that we find as soon as we hear about it. Here is a small video made the development team to give you some Alpha footage and to tell you more about what Conan Unconquered is all about:

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