Weekly Bungie Update Covers Beta Issues, Beta Banhammer

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Posted on May 18, 2007, Ron Whitaker Weekly Bungie Update Covers Beta Issues, Beta Banhammer

Bungie LogoAs usual, Bungie’s weekly update covers a lot of topics, almost all of them related to the Halo 3 beta. There’s a fix for the missing UI text, and for the “Game Over” issue. There’s also a nice nod to the tech folks that corrected the download issues that occurred on Wednesday.

The big topic is the breaking out of the Beta Banhammer. Due to some issues with player conduct, Bungie has made the banhammer available. But what will get you whacked with it?

Multiplayer Producer Joseph Tung Gives a few tips on how to avoid the banhammer. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Q: Since this is a beta, we’re not going to be pulling out the Banhammer for glitches and exploiting (in fact, that’s what we’re hoping you try and do), but we have fabricated the banhammer for a reason. What could jerks get into online that would result in a visit from Ninjas?

A: There are a number of Bungie employees out there playing the Beta everyday with their fingers on the Banhammer. We aren’t going to ban people for friendly trash talk, corpse-humping or polite requests for more chocolate milk, but racist or otherwise offensive language or behavior will earn you a ban (duration of our choosing) to contemplate repentance. Likewise offensive gamertags will get reported to the Live team for forced name changes. Considering the limited duration of the beta, people may want to try to generally be nicer when they play.

There are surely people taking things too far in the beta, so watch out for the swinging hammer if you’re one of them.

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