Weird. A Superman Returns Mod For GTA: San Andreas

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Posted on August 26, 2010, Ross Lincoln Weird. A Superman Returns Mod For GTA: San Andreas

I can’t decide if this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, or the lamest thing to happen to GTA since they made it impossible to enjoy the ending of GTA 4. I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto: Superman Returns, the first mod from the aptly named Superman For Grand Theft Auto Group. Their stated goal is to bring Superman to GTA, presumably in all his forms. In addition to today’s entry, they’re also working on GTA versions of the Reign of the Superman DC storyline, Smallville1, and a tribute to Christopher Reeve.

Superman Returns arrived yesterday. It’s a super simple add on – No new missions or anything – that lets you replace San Andreas protagonist CJ with a very crude rendition of Brandon Routh. (Based on the image above, it appears that the Superman Suit is accessible as a selectable Costume, ala the Gimp Suit.) If this strikes your fancy, and you’ve always wanted to commit brazen acts of antisocial carnage while fighting for Truth, Justice and The American Way, here’s your chance.

I have only one request for future installments: Please add Bryan Singer as an NPC. He must pay for having made the POC movie this mod is based on.

1) yuck.

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