Welcome to Vault 1080, NVIDIA's first ever game mod!

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

NVIDIA is no stranger to using PC case mods to promote it's products, but for the first time, they are turning their craft to Fallout 4 modding to promote their new GTX 1080 graphics card - ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vault 1080.

If you're expecting this to be a simple promotional mod, though, you'd be wrong - Vault 1080, while obviously numbered after NVIDIA's latest top-end gaming graphics card, adds over an hour of unique new gameplay, and a new, compelling Vault story to the game.

Vault 1080 is located ominously behind an abandoned old church. The inhabitants of the vault, which is roughly the same size as other vaults found in the game, make up a congregation of old clergymen, who have gone a little bit mad over the years, paranoid that their entire way of life may infect be build on lies.

Quite a bold and ambitious plot-line to choose for a promotional mod, to say the least, it certainly does sound very compelling. You can also expect a high level of quality and finish to this mod, which has been developed my NVIDIA's Lightspeed Studios - a team which normally spends it's time re-mastering classic PC games for the NVIDIA Shield TV console.

Vault 1080 also takes special advantage of Nvidia GameWorks technologies, which were present in Fallout 4. Expect plenty of beautiful looking scenes that are specifically designed to show off NVidia technologies, such as liberal use of God-rays, HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion technologies to create a dark, murky atmosphere, and more.

The mod is scheduled for release at PAX Prime, which is on September 2nd. Until then, you can enjoy the above trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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