We’re Continuing Our Alien: Isolation Hard Mode Livestream Today!

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Posted on October 7, 2014, Phil Hornshaw We’re Continuing Our Alien: Isolation Hard Mode Livestream Today!

If you didn’t tune in to a special edition of our HorrorScope Plays livestream show yesterday, you missed the opening three hours of Alien: Isolation.

The good news is, we’re coming back with more today on the usual HorrorScope Plays show, starting at noon PDT / 3 p.m. EDT on twitch.tv/gamefront. You can also catch the stream below.

After three hours, we’re working our way through San Cristobal Hospital aboard Sevastopol Station, in search of a med kit and maybe some answers about the station’s xenomorph resident. Oh, and we’re also being hunted by said alien. It’s, uh, pretty stressful.

There’s also an on-going contest for this playthrough, the rules of which are still being worked out between the GameFront crew and the viewers. Simply put, if I, Phil Hornshaw, fail to complete Alien: Isolation on Hard mode with fewer than 75 deaths (a number we may still tweak if there’s consensus with the viewers), I’ll be punished in some awful way, just like James is often punished for his gaming failures. I don’t intend to lose, but if you join in the stream and the chat, you can have a hand in shaping what hypothetical thing I’ll have to endure.

I’m also hoping to check out the special pre-order bonus Survivor Mode mission in Alien: Isolation, titled “Crew Expendable,” that sees players returning to the ship seen in the film. Aboard the Nostromo players take on the role of either Ellen Ripley, Captain Dallas or the engineer Parker, as all three work together to try to flush the alien out an airlock. While I played through Alien: Isolation for review (read that here), I have not yet played Crew Expendable, so it’ll be a new challenge.

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