We’ve Seen the Ending of Disney Epic Mickey!

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Posted on November 7, 2010, Phil Hornshaw We’ve Seen the Ending of Disney Epic Mickey!

Yeah. Last week at Disneyland, Warren Spector showed off a bunch of Epic Mickey — including one of the game‘s multiple endings. We’ve seen it.

He asked us not to spoil it, so we won’t. We did catch some cool strokes of the story, however, and if you’d like to read about it, keep going.

If you’re worried about spoilers, however, stop here.

You’ve probably already seen Epic Mickey‘s opening cinematic, where the iconic mouse accidentally creates the Phantom Blot, an evil paint-and-thinner monster that invades Wasteland, the world of forgotten Disney characters. The first denizen of the world was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s original cartoon creation and Mickey’s half-brother. It was only because of the loss of the rights to Oswald that the animator went on to create Mickey Mouse — and so Oswald has come to resent Mickey’s fame and success, while he was lost to the erosion of history.

In the opening movie, Mickey, while messing around with the Wasteland model in the wizard Yen Sid’s workshop, also accidentally spills paint thinner all over the model. This becomes the Thinner Disaster, and it devastates Wasteland. In the process of trying to clean it up the thinner and the evil Blot, Mickey jams a sponge with the Blot in it into the thinner bottle — and both tumble through a magic portal into Wasteland.

Years later, the Blot returns and drags Mickey into Wasteland, where he’s quickly strapped to a table in the Mad Doctor’s lab. While he’s there, the Doctor attempts to extract Mickey’s heart. Mickey escapes the castle, sights Oswald, and follows him to Mean Street, a town in Wasteland. Mickey works his way through the world, searching for Oswald and a way back to the real world.

Mickey and Oswald finally meet at Mickeyjunk Mountain, where Oswald explains himself, and tells Mickey the only way out of Wasteland is to have a heart — which is why the Blot and the Doctor tried to steal his. The two decide to try to get Mickey out of Wasteland with the help of a rocket in Tomorrow City. So begins the major compulsion of the first portion of the game, which has Mickey searching for parts to the rocket.

During the course of trying to reassemble the rocket, Mickey winds up back on the summit of Mickeyjunk Mountain with Oswald, where the giant thinner bottle form the Thinner Disaster still resides. The Phantom Blot is still contained in the bottle — all Mickey has seen so far are the drips of it that escape from the bottle’s loose cork.

There it comes out that Mickey is responsible for the disaster that has befallen Wasteland. In his anger, Oswald jumps on the cork, inadvertently releasing the Phantom Blot. The Blot attacks Oswald and Mickey’s friend and ally, the gremlin Gus, and offers Mickey their lives in exchange for his heart. Mickey relinquishes it to save them, and the Blot disappears as it releases Gus and Oswald. It’s fair to say the rest of the second half of the game is dedicated to Mickey attempting to defeat the Blot, retrieve his heart, and save Wasteland.

While we saw the ending, I won’t tell you more than, as Spector has said, it seems player choice has a pretty big role in shaping how the end plays out. And it seemed that at some point, you’ll actually take the fight inside the Phantom Blot.

Lots of the choices and story has to do with redemption — Mickey taking responsibility for his mistakes and the two brothers finding one another, and coming to terms with one another. Spector has said it’ll take at least three playthroughs to see and do everything in Epic Mickey, and his first playthrough lasted for 26 hours.

Sounds awesome.

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