WH40k: DoW Soulstorm – 2nd Faction Revealed

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Posted on October 28, 2007, Steve WH40k: DoW Soulstorm – 2nd Faction Revealed

It has been nearly a month since THQ announced Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War – Soulstorm, the third expansion to its wildly popular Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War real time strategy game for PC. The announcement revealed many things, such as the game’s anticipated release in early 2008, the introduction of air units to DoW, a single player campaign expanded upon the territorial concept that WH40:DoW Dark Crusade had, and as well as the announcement that there would be two new factions bringing the total playable faction count in WH40k: Dawn of War to nine.

The odd thing during THQ’s Soulstorm announcement was that only one of the factions was revealed. We were given news that one of the new factions was the Dark Eldar, the twisted brethren to the ancient Eldar race. However, we were not graced with info regarding the 2nd faction. I’m not sure if this withholding of information was a scheme by THQ to generate buzz or a cruel tease to drive the fans insane. Nonetheless, it certainly stirred things up in the WH40k: DoW community. Debates were made and lengthy forum threads were dedicated to “guessing” who this new faction was. Well, it looks like we can end this insanity once and for all.

Gamespot recently scored a glimpse of WH40k: DoW – Soulstorm in person. Among many of the things we already knew about Soulstorm, Gamespot revealed several things that we didn’t know. The most important revelation was that the previously unknown second faction introduced in Soulstorm will be none other than the Sisters of Battle. Here is Gamespot’s take on them:

The Sisters of Battle, on the other hand, are basically heavily armed warrior nuns and the feared enforcers of the Imperium. As described to us, they’re basically the Spanish Inquisition in space. The Sisters are driven by faith, which lets them call on their God-Emperor for “Acts of the Faith,” which are powerful abilities, like a protective hand that shields them from damage or raining brimstone down on the battlefield. These acts are fueled by faith, which can be generated if the Sisters divert resources from unit production and research. That will make you have to choose how much to spend on the economy and how much to spend on generating faith.

Or as I like to call them: Space Marines in skirts. Here are a few other details regarding Soulstorm that we didn’t know before:

  • The DC-like single player campaign will span across 4 planets and 3 moons.
  • Soulstorm will be a standalone expansion just like Dark Crusade.
  • Like DC, you’ll need previous DoW & expansion serials to access/unlock the other races in multi.
  • Dark Eldar can exploit a third resource: Souls.
  • All factions will get air units.
  • There will be achievements.
  • Each faction will have its own set of achievements.
  • There will be online multiplayer achievements (i.e. win streak).

Gamespot also put up ten new in-game screenshots of Soulstorm showing the various units of the Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar. Don’t forget to check out the Soulstorm trailer above too.

So no Tyranids? *sniff* At least not as a playable faction. We can always hope they will somehow work them into the single player story to prep for a 4th expansion or true sequel.

Via Gamespot

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