What a Sequel to Assassin's Creed Should Have

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Posted on March 3, 2008, Jonathan What a Sequel to Assassin's Creed Should Have

assassinscreed1-1.jpgLet’s face it: for all its good points, Assassin’s Creed was far from perfect. And it’s pretty obvious to anyone who played all the way through to its cliffhanger ending (or saw its sales figures) that the developers already have plans for a sequel. So of course this raises the question of what Ubisoft could do differently for Assassin’s Creed 2. It’s that sort of thinking that led Neelesh Mukherjee over at GameGuru to list off six things that could be added or fixed to ensure a better gameplay experience in the sequel. The list mostly comprises a few things to break up the monotony of the first game, such as adding a more diverse range of weapons and tasks to do in the city. It’s a pretty good list, and I certainly hope Ubisoft has some similar ideas in mind for the next game.

Personally though, my list of things to change isn’t so much a list as a big banner that says in huge, bold letters: GO TALK TO IO INTERACTIVE. I’m sure the guys behind the Hitman series could give the Assassin’s Creed team some great pointers on how to keep doing the same basic task repeatedly and keep it interesting. If they mention Kane and Lynch though, just smile and nod and try to move the conversation back to Agent 47.

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