What Bill Roper would do with Diablo 3

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Posted on October 8, 2007, Shawn Sines What Bill Roper would do with Diablo 3

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Bill Roper CEO of Flagship Studios has been working on the highly anticipated Hellgate: London. However before Flagship, Roper worked with Blizzard on the widely popular Diablo series.

Blizzard hasn’t announced a third title in the series but Roper has some definite ideas of how he would handle Diablo 3 if the ball was in his court.

From a recent interview with CVG, Bill Roper had this to say about Diablo 3:

“It would be that challenge of giving the Diablo players the things that they’d expect… I think with Diablo, for example, the camera angle is a big part of it. I think with the Diablo series there is a level of expectation about only using the mouse to move.”

“I think people that are hardcore Diablo fanatics… people that, if you are making Diablo 3, you are making that game very, very specifically for. There are some things that they are going to want.”

“To be honest, the way that Blizzard is approaching StarCraft II is really smart. They’re saying, ‘OK, what do the millions of StarCraft fans very specifically want from a StarCraft experience? Great, well that’s what we’re going to give them. Yes we’re going to do updates, yes we’re going to create the units, yes there’s new technologies’. [But] you look at StarCraft II, and right away you feel comfortable.”

“You’d want that same kind of thing from Diablo 3. At the same time, you want to come up with a lot of fun, new and cool ideas that really stretch the world and stretch the characters and stretch the gameplay so it’s not just the exact same thing over and over again.”

“I think that would be the big challenge, to say, ‘Here’s our core three, four or five elements that must absolutely positively be in there. We’ve got to do these things. Past that, what can we do that when people are playing it they’ll go, Wow, I really didn’t expect that.”

via CVG

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