What Happens If You Decide to Go Free-to-Play in SWTOR?

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Posted on July 31, 2012, Phil Hornshaw What Happens If You Decide to Go Free-to-Play in SWTOR?

Curious as to what will happen to your characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic if you go from being a subscription player to using the upcoming free-to-play model? BioWare has your answer, and it doesn’t sound too appealing.

According to a Help Center page on swtor.com, downgrading your account is going to immediately cost you some privileges and features:

Your account will automatically be downgraded and it will operate under the Free player restrictions. You will need to choose what items to keep with you within the restriction levels of the free access. Furthermore, you will be able to see, but not use, your excess credits, inventory slots, bank tabs, and extra characters.

Those free-to-play restrictions include how many Warzones and Flashpoints you can play in a week, and you can’t access Operations. It also sounds as though you’ll be limited in the number of characters you have access to (you’ll also be limited on things like which species you can pick when you create characters), and you’ll lose access to a number of weapons or items because you’ll be allowed less inventory space than subscription players.

There’s a whole lot more FAQ information on swtor.com’s Help Center, right here.

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