What Happens When A Unique Xbox 360 Needs Repairs? Nothing Good, That's For Sure

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Published by GameFront.com 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Posted on February 28, 2008, Jonathan What Happens When A Unique Xbox 360 Needs Repairs? Nothing Good, That's For Sure

360bottombig.jpg 360topbig.jpgI’m sure we’ve heard plenty of stories of people getting screwed over by all sorts of console repair centers over the years. Of course, stories involving Xbox 360 repairs tend to crop up more often, given their high failure rate (I am right now eyeing my own console as if it were a ticking time bomb). But this one over at Hawty McBloggy is a little sad and outrageous.

The story starts with Nathaniel, who purchased his Xbox 360 at launch. He carried the console with him on various trips and acquired signatures in permanent marker from various people from the Xbox 360 team, Bungie Studios, and Rooster Teeth Productions, amongst others. The centerpiece was even a Master Chief sketch by Rooster Teeth Comics artist, Luke McKay. So of course, because he’s simply a man who loves his console, it died on him. After some personal deliberation, Nathaniel decided to send his console in for repairs. To make sure he got his own console back, he enclosed a note with the serial number that explained the situation. Then he called beforehand and was told he would receive his same console back.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that after all that, he still got sent a different console back. That would’ve probably been preferable, because instead he got the exact same console back…after someone had cleaned off all the permanent marker. Someone looked at his console, thought the art and signatures shouldn’t be there, and actually went to the trouble of scrubbing the ink off of the whole console, leaving only a few slight purplish marks as evidence that anything was ever there.

Seriously, that’s heartbreaking. Let that be a warning to all you people out there with consoles that are unique in some way. You can read the full story in gut-wrenching detail over at Hawty McBloggy.

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