Survival-Horror Routine Leaves You Alone on the Moon (Video)

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Posted on June 26, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong Survival-Horror Routine Leaves You Alone on the Moon (Video)

You’re pretty helpless in a survival horror game, especially when your only recourse is to run and hide and fighting back isn’t usually an option. This holds true for Routine, a first-person exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base.

Routine comes from a long tradition of survival horror games like System Shock 2 and Dead Space, and sees you taking on the task of uncovering the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station—the Moon base in which the game is set. According to its developers, the game is an entirely non-linear experience that will allow you to explore any part of the abandoned base and discover secrets hidden within its confines.

As one of the first games to be Greenlit on Steam, Routine has been in development for quite some time and looks to be for some time, as it’s development team is made up of a scant four people.

From what we know of the game, it features permanent death, randomized hazards and enemies, all of which are anything but ‘routine’, and a focus on staying alive. Given the game’s randomized horrors, it’ll be a challenge just to stay out of harm’s way—and with no big guns at your disposal, you won’t be able to simply fight your way through every encounter. As it’s not a shooter, you’ll be “immersed in full body awareness” (e.g. you’ll be able to see your hands and legs), without being bogged down by a HUD or health bars and points. It should come as no surprise that the game is designed to fully support the Oculus Rift.

After going dark for nearly a year, the developers have finally put out some early footage of the game. Seen below, the video footage shows the player running around and hiding from a pair of hostile entities that presumably wish to cause harm to the player.

Apart from running and hiding, the demo doesn’t showcase too much of the game’s system, which we’ll undoubtedly learn about in the coming months. It’s set for release later this year on the Mac and PC, so it shouldn’t be too long.

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