What John Carmack Wants To See In the Next Generation of Game Consoles

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Posted on August 24, 2011, Phil Owen What John Carmack Wants To See In the Next Generation of Game Consoles

Watch out, y’all. John Carmack has told Tom’s Guide what he wants to see in the next generation of consoles. Here’s what he said:

One of the most important things I would say is a unified virtual 64-bit address space, across both the GPU and the CPU. Not a partition space, like the PS3

Also, a full 64-bit space with virtualization on the hardware units – that would be a large improvement. There aren’t any twitchy graphics features that I really want; we want lots of bandwidth, and lots of cores.

There’s going to be a heterogeneous environment here, and it’s pretty obvious at this point that we will have some form of CPU cores and GPU cores.

We were thinking that it might be like a pure play Intel Larabee or something along that line, which would be interesting, but it seems clear at this point that we will have a combination of general purpose cores and GPU-oriented cores, which are getting flexible enough that you can do most of the things that you would do on a CPU.

Well, uh, that sounds awesome. I don’t really know what it means, but it’s awesome.

Read the rest of Tom’s Guide’s Carmack interview here.

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