Whoops! XBLA ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Huge Mass Effect 3 DLC Spoiler

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Posted on February 21, 2012, Ross Lincoln Whoops! XBLA ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Huge Mass Effect 3 DLC Spoiler

I’ll confess that thanks to an press copy of the Art of the Mass Effect Universe, I’ve known since December that the game will feature a new squad member that completely brings the Mass Effect universe full circle. Because of the extremely huge nature of the spoiler, I have not posted on it, but at last my fastidiousness has been rendered meaningless. That’s partly because The Art Of… is now available, but more importantly, it’s thanks to an Xbox Live ‘error’ that happened earlier this afternoon, in which the first Mass Effect 3 DLC – meant to be available at the moment the game launches – was erroneously listed in the XBLA marketplace.

Needless to say, this is a gigantic spoiler. If you have not purchased The Art Of… and do not want to have this tidbit ruined prior to release, now is the time to stop reading and leave the post.

Everyone good? Ok. Here’s a screenshot taken by GameFront’s Phil Hornshaw:

Yep, that’s a Prothean.

This has of course been the subject of many rumors, and what is purported to be the Prothean’s in-game dialogue was posted to Youtube last week. And it turns out to be true. The first Mass Effect DLC has the crew of the Normandy encountering a preserved member of that extinct race. As you can see, he looks like a far less disgusting Collector and no doubt he’ll be itching to get some payback. The Art Of… discusses how they wanted to suggest an insectoid evolutionary origin for the Protheans, one I think they nailed here.

My initial instinct is that this discovery signals the possible revival of the Prothean species, though knowing the series’ love of downer outcomes, I wouldn’t be shocked if he really is the last of his kind and there’s nothing, not even with Mordin’s help, that can be done.

Of course, this does lead to certain questions about the game overall. (No, not about the leak, which I highly doubt is an accident.) The return of the Protheans, whether as a single character or as a species, is an extremely big deal. But making that DLC rather than an in-box story point suggests either than BioWare is dropping the ball on what should be a pivotal event, or they’re just nickel-and-diming the players with loads and loads of DLC that is really just cut content. We will see.

H/T Kotaku, who got here first.

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