Why Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Revolution are Good for the Industry

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Posted on June 20, 2008, Stephany Why Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Revolution are Good for the Industry

This is a great time to be a gamer. With all of the different developers, publishers, genres, consoles, PC and handheld options we have, it is no wonder that videogames are a billion dollar industry. If you take into consideration that at least 6 out of 10 games created are going to be enjoyed by you or your household thus becoming a commercial success, those really are not bad odds. Granted, not all games are going to pull in the numbers that a Halo or GTA title will, but a good solid title can garner just as much respect and provide just as much enjoyment as a mega game such as those.

Another reason it is a great time to be a gamer, is because of the wonderful games created by Activision and Harmonix by the way of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This is also a great time for people who love music, because while there are some who can play a musical instrument, not everyone can and these games help us live out our fantasies of being musical icons in our very own living room.

With Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2, and Konami’s Rock Revolution all looming just over the horizon, it is indeed a great opportunity for us all. If you like the music simulation games, you basically have a nice variety now to choose from. Before, you really only had Guitar Hero I & II until Rock Band came out – now, Activison seems to make a new announcement every week regarding SOMETHING pertaining to either Guitar Hero III or and upcoming game destined to rock your socks off. Rock Band has promised us a new album every month for download, and while they have been really slow getting there, at least they are starting to make good on their promise. How “The Cars” and “The Pixies” will fare, is anyone’s guess really, but at least they are indeed releasing something.

Now comes news that Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Revolution will be following the footsteps of Rock Band with extra peripherals to round out your jam sessions in front of your favorite console. Many people are judging both Activison and Konami a little to harshly in my opinion, because the truth is, you have to evolve or die. Plain and simple, and that is the case with every form of entertainment. So are these games really such a bad thing? Really?

Do you actually think that you would still be going to the movies if they were all in black and white, couples slept in twin beds instead of one, violence was limited to a guy getting shot off a building in an old western or if the only curse word uttered was poppycock? I highly doubt it. Would you still be listening to music stylized by the likes of Buddy Holly or Jim Reeves? Not on a daily basis you wouldn’t, and heaven forbid you still have to play 2-bit games in this day and age. Consumers would not stand for it, so why is it so difficult to understand why Activision and Konami want to get in on the multiplayer aspect of musical simulation games as well? It is not hurting you in the slightest, as a matter of fact, you – the consumer- are the one who wins in the end. Look at how many different FPS games are out there that have a sci-fi setting. Did anyone call them copycats when they were created? Maybe, but not like gamers are doing with Activision.

Choices are a wonderful thing. You would not want to go into a restaurant with only a cheeseburger and a chicken potpie to choose between. Of course not, you want steak, pasta, salmon, and many other fine dishes to satisfy your palate. The same is true with videogames, otherwise there would not be so many different genres to choose from, and all the sub-genres in between – not to mention the hybrids. So it boggles my mind why I see so many negative comments in forums and on gaming sites regarding World Tour. I know gamers are a loyal bunch, but we are no different from any other consumer who is fiercely loyal to a particular product.

Take my Father for example. He drove nothing but Dodge trucks his whole life and swore he would never own any other brand as long as he lived because in his mind they were inferior. That sort of elitist mentality ceased six years ago after borrowing my Tacoma while his Ram was in the shop. He literally fell in love with my truck. A year later, he was the proud owner of a brand new Toyota Tacoma and just traded it in on another new one a few months back. What I am trying to say here, is that just because you are fiercely loyal to one brand does not mean that another one is not just as worthy. Some gamers though, like to flame just to flame. We all know the type. However, it accomplishes nothing in the end, and nobody likes a shit stirrer or someone who sets the gamer image back another ten years with his or her cellar dweller mentality.

I am not here to chastise the Comic Book Guys though, seriously I am not. I would just like for everyone to stop bitching and complaining about Activision deciding to get in on the extra peripheral bandwagon and evolve with the rest of the gaming world. I have hardly seen one negative thing written by gamers regarding Konami’s Rock Revolution. It all because it is Activison, plain and simple. If it were Capcom doing it, no one would have batted an eye.

I am also not trying to take up for them either, not totally anyway, because I agree that they are milking the Guitar Hero franchise for all it is worth, what with the Aerosmith game coming out and the rumored Metallica-centric one. Maybe though, just maybe they are milking it because World Tour is going to be so awesome, that Guitar Hero as we know it now will soon cease to exist. Then again, maybe they are just being greedy, I do not have all the answers, but what I DO KNOW is that you, the gamer, are the one who holds all the cards. If you detest the idea of World Tour so very badly, don’t buy the damn thing, period. It is really not all that hard to do, and while you are not buying it, don’t flame anyone who does and actually enjoys it. Gamers need to stick together, because with all the bad publicity we get, with all the negative things said about us as a niche, we seriously need to have each others backs instead of acting like a bunch of mentally challenged orangutans just because you feel you are superior to the gamer commenting above you on a forum.

Grow up, keep your disdain and high and mighty illusions of grandeur to yourself, and allow others to enjoy being a gamer. While you are at it, be thankful that you have hundreds of choices staring out at you from the walls at GameStop. I mean, at one time, there was only Pong. Can you imagine if that were true today? If so, we would not even be having this conversation because the world of gaming would not exist. Trust me, you will enjoy gaming much more if you stop complaining and trying to out do the guy next to you in a forum war. Remember, arguing on the internet is like the special Olympics. No matter if you win or lose you are still retarded.

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