Why Steam Could Stop Working On Your Gaming PC Next Year

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

Valve has announced that Steam will no longer function on older versions of Windows from January 1, 2024, due to the newest features in Steam relying on an embedded version of Google Chrome that no longer works on these versions of Windows. This means that if you're running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, you won't be able to use Steam on your computer next year. In addition, future versions of Steam will also require Windows feature and security updates that are only present in Windows 10 and above.

Although the number of users who still run Windows 7 and 8 is relatively low, according to Steam's February Hardware and Software Survey, Microsoft ended support for these versions in January. Microsoft recommends replacing devices with ones that support Windows 11. When Epic dropped Windows 7 and 8 support for Fortnite, it suggested that dedicated users of outdated operating systems use GeForce Now instead.

Steam's announcement marks the end of an era for some gamers. Still, it also highlights the importance of keeping your operating system current to ensure compatibility with the latest software and features. With the rise of cloud gaming services like GeForce Now, more developers may drop support for older operating systems in the future. As such, it's worth considering upgrading to a more recent version of Windows if you want to keep up with the latest games and software.


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