Why The PS2 Is Still A Viable System

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Posted on June 20, 2007, William Why The PS2 Is Still A Viable System


Some people thought that when the PS3 was released, that the PS2 would eventually fade into obscurity.  Obviously this is not the case.  The PS2 actually outsells the PS3 and is keeping up there with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.  It’s often overlooked, but I think the continued success of the PS2 is one of the big reasons that the next generation Sony console has yet to really catch on.

I actually got rid of my PS2 about a year ago and sold all my games for it.  Of course, that turned out to be a big mistake because I really missed the system.  I missed it so much; I picked up a PS2, memory card and 6 games yesterday.  The system with the games combined was still cheaper than purchasing say a Nintendo Wii.

I truly believe that the PS2 will continue to be a viable option for at least another year or two.  The original Xbox has already pretty much faded but I don’t see this happening with the PS2 especially considering the great library of games and cheap prices.


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