Why Was GTA IV Delayed?

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Posted on August 4, 2007, William Why Was GTA IV Delayed?


At this point, the reason for delay is mostly speculation. Some journalists have speculated that GTA IV was delayed to force Microsoft to give in when it comes to some of Rockstar’s demands. I really don’t know myself, so I’m not going to put out a definitive opinion on the situation. I can say that I am highly disappointed that the October release is not going to happen. As far as I knew, everything was on track prior to their delay announcement. Xbox Family has some interesting point to make concerning the delay. Those points are located after the article break.

As most have already heard, GTA IV has been delayed till Q2 2008. Speculation is running all over the internet as to the exact reason for this delay. As far as gamers knew, everything was fine at E3 and on track for a big October launch. As reported earlier this week, XF had learned about certain future titles requiring the 360 HDD for data caching, but hadn’t received any specifics on which games and when this would happen. Yesterday, when XF got word of GTA IV being delayed, we had to call our source. Apparently Rockstar wants GTA IV to give a seamless experience with load times limited as much as possible and void of loading whenever possible. This requires a HDD according to our source.

MS, while allowing certain titles (MMOs & soccer managers) to use the HDD already and reportedly allowing titles to do it in the future, did not want to segregate the 360 core users this early. Everything our source said made sense when we looked at what Shane Kim said in a recent interview with GamePro.com:

There was a rumor that Grand Theft Auto IV is not going to be compatible with the Core system because the game may require a hard drive. Is incompatibility with the Core model something Microsoft can’t allow, or are you flexible on issues like this?

SK: No, we want to support all of the Xbox 360s, otherwise it becomes very confusing. We really want to avoid that as much as possible.

So what would you say if Rockstar Games demanded you have a hard drive if you want to play GTAIV on the Xbox 360?

SK: We get to make the call on who gets published on our platform…[inaudible] we’d push back on any publisher saying things like that.

If everything we’re being told is true, it’s a good and bad thing. It means developers really do want to use the 360 to it’s full potential and make better games for you and I. It also means MS may very well limit what 360 owners get to play because they want to drag their feet on the HDD announcement till the Cores are completely off the shelves. Hopefully, someone will get this fixed soon so we can get back to just playing games.

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