Wii Don't Care

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Posted on May 26, 2007, Andrew Wii Don't Care

With the introduction of the Wii comes the inevitable glut of Wii videos on YouTube. We know that the straps might break; we don’t need your video of it in action. Yes, TV looks very nice, sorry you broke it. Why were you recording yourself playing video games anyway? This is not amusing to us anymore. You hurt your hand because you smashed it on a lamp? Yeah, I did that, but I don’t feel that all of Earth needs to know.

Here’s a video from late last year that illustrates my point.

Or check out any of the 256 hits you get when you search for “Wii accident”. C’mon people, it’s done, get over it. In fact, stop reading this post. Don’t give any creedence to this whatsoever.


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