Wii Firmware Update 3.0U/E Incompatible with Modded Wiis

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Posted on August 7, 2007, Shawn Sines Wii Firmware Update 3.0U/E Incompatible with Modded Wiis


After a three hour hiatus, the Wii Shopping channel is back up, along with an update to both the shop and the Wii firmware. Several small changes have been implemented that will hopefully increase the speed of the UI as well as add some new features.

A word of CAUTION to those with a modded Wii: After running the update, a message comes up explaining that the update will cause Wiis with a mod chip to be disabled or lock up. You will have to power down to abort the update.

Here’s a rundown of the changes:


  • Digital Clock added to the Wii Menu right under the channel bar
  • Forecast Channel now displays the current condition (cloudy, raining, etc.) directly in the Wii Menu in the Forecast Channel box
  • News Channel can now show 2 scrolling headlines at a time in the Wii Menu, 3 when you click on the button
  • Message Board now has the “Today’s Accomplishments” message as a white message which allows it to stand out from other messages
  • Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B (supposed to be a launch feature) but only to empty spaces.
  • Calendar in Message Board no longer shows “Today’s Accomplishment” only days as having messages.

Wii Shop Channel Overhauled

  • New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost (gone is the title screen bar that had linkable games)
  • Titles You’ve Downloaded was moved to the main shop menu
  • New ways to browse
  • Popular Titles (2 pages of 10 and includes launch games so not only based on recent info)
  • Newest Additions remains the same
  • Search for a title which can use partial names
  • Search by Category
  • System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each
  • Publisher showing different publishers and amount of titles released (Nice logos!)
  • Genre (different genres listed and amount of titles under each)

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