Wii Fit Helps With Concussion Recovery, Intellectuals Say

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Posted on August 23, 2010, Phil Owen Wii Fit Helps With Concussion Recovery, Intellectuals Say

Concussions are, like, my mortal enemy. I once had a burgeoning basketball career, and I was well on the way to the NBA until my aggressive style of play led to a rash of concussions, and I had to quit. Well, I also quit because I don’t need rules, man, but it was a little bit because of the concussions.

All joking aside, concussions suck balls. It’s like smoking a J laced with acid if you didn’t know it was laced with acid. Meaning you fall over and hit your head on the kitchen cabinets a lot. It’s just not fun.

Those brainiacs over at the University of Maryland came up with a pretty rockin’ idea recently that involves Wii Fit. Yeah, I never thought I’d use “rockin’ idea” and “Wii Fit” in the same sentence either, but there it is. The idea is to use the game and the balance board to determine a “balance benchmark” of a sort for football players. Then, if a player suffers a concussion, they test his balance again as he recovers, until he’s back at that benchmark. This way they’ll have a standard of sorts to look at and help them determine when a player has recovered from the injury. It’s not the only standard they use, of course, but it’s a helpful tool and stuff.

There’s a lot more “news junk” to this story, like people talking s**t about the idea, and if you wanna read it, you should head over to The Washington Post, home of lots of news junk.  Can you believe I just cited a reputable news source?

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