Wii Gets Two New Virtual Console and One New WiiWare Game Today

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Posted on September 8, 2008, Chris Wii Gets Two New Virtual Console and One New WiiWare Game Today

Gaming TodayFollowing last week’s Wii-kly update — which saw the release of Super Mario RPG — might as well be a suicide mission, but the show must go on. Two new Virtual Console games, Final Soldier and Cho Aniki, and a new puzzle/music game mashup called Groovin’ Blocks comprise this week’s update to the downloadable scene in North America on Wii.

Final Soldier (700 Wii Points, $7) is a sequel to Super Star Soldier which you might remember appearing on the Virtual Console back in late November of 2006. It’s joined by another TurboGrafx16 title, Cho Aniki (900 points, $9), which is a game that’s also comprised of shooting at crap. In other words, you’ll have to look to the new WiiWare offering if you’re looking for something different.

Groovin’ Blocks (800 points, $8) — based on nothing more than the description — sounds a lot like the surprisingly good Xbox Live Arcade game Go! Go! Break Steady, which was basically a mixture of Zuma and DDR. Groovin’ Blocks brings more than a hip use of an apostrophe, too; 27 stages and multiplayer support round out the feature list of this game.

Sure, it’s not Super Mario RPG, but this isn’t a half-bad update.


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