Wii In Stock In Stores Today?

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Published by GameFront.com 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Posted on April 22, 2007, Ron Whitaker Wii In Stock In Stores Today?

WiiRumors are flying around that Best Buy will have the Nintendo Wii console in stock today, and it looks like those rumors are true. At least, the flyer in this morning’s paper says they have the Wii. Odds are that if they do, and you want one, you should be in line right now instead of reading this. Either that, or using online resources to find one elsewhere.

Best Buy Ad 4-22-07All this Wii-madness brings up a question: Does the lack of supply cause you to want the console more, or has it reached the point where you decide, “To hell with it, I’m getting a PS3?” The writers and posters over at Freakonomics can’t seem to agree on whether it’s good or bad for Nintendo. I, however, have the answer. It’s unequivocally bad for Nintendo. Without those consoles on the shelves, gamers are more likely to pick up another console than to wait for the Wii. The unique controller is a hook, but having a shiny PS3 with awesome graphics and a Blu-Ray drive is a pretty darn good hook, too. The only market where the shortage may help is in the ‘non-gamer’ market, since those buyers are not likely to buy one of the other consoles anyway. If you manage to land a Wii, let us know where and when!

Verily, I reveal to you my local Best Buy ad, which clearly shows Wii’s available.

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