Wii Internet Channel no Longer Free

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Posted on June 20, 2007, Andrew Wii Internet Channel no Longer Free


If you like the free internet channels the Wii provides, you’re going to have to pay Wii points to get them starting June 30th.

Freebies are great, and it’s always a disappointment when they come to an end. But where is the happy medium between receiving a free service or feature you should get when you pay for a console and having to continually pay cash in order to cash in?

I’m getting tired of having to pay very, very small amounts of money for things I should be able to get for free. For instance, have you ever tried to give a gift on Facebook.com? Have you ever tried to give a gift twice?

But that’s beside the point. The Wii costing more money than the $249 price tag is the point.


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