Wii Owners, No Silent Hill For You!

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Posted on October 20, 2007, Steve Wii Owners, No Silent Hill For You!

Silent Hill 5

In a recent interview with long time Silent Hill Sound Designer, Akira Yamaoka, Wired News found opportunity to discuss with the master how he comes up with those spine-tingling sounds we have all come to loathe and love. Mr. Yamaoka sheds light on the history of his design process with the SH series, how the tools of the trade have changed, and more recently, how he pulls-off working with a UK-based development group almost half way around the world (apparently lots of emails). Yamaoka gives explanation why Silent Hill made it onto the PSP, as well as his confirmation that he will be working on Silent Hill 5 for “next-gen” consoles. Yamaoka also states why the 360 will be the most viable platform for Silent Hill, and, more interestingly, how 80% of Silent Hill sales are outside of Japan. The most interesting part of the interview was when the topic of Silent Hill for the Nintendo Wii was brought up. Here’s what went down:

WN: What is the future of the Silent Hill series?
AY: We’re making Silent Hill 5 for next-gen consoles. Are there any other platforms besides that? [laughter]
WN: There’s the Wii.
AY: Ah, the Wii. Wiiiiiiiiii… Silent Hill Wii. Can we do it? Will players like it?
WN: Yeah! There’s a lot of potential there, using the remote as a flashlight, or a knife…
AY: Yeah, there’s potential.
WN: But no plans.
AY: No plans. The Wii user isn’t a hardcore user.

So there you have it. Konami thinks the Wii is too “kiddie” for Silent Hill. Ahh well… that’s their loss, right?

Via Wired.com

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